St. Gabriel's Retreat Center 2015

St. Gabriel's Retreat Center 2015

Private and Directed retreats are always available if space permits.


1              Mary Mother of God - New Years Day
3              Cursillo School of Leaders 
9-11         To be announced 
15-18       Lycoming College Search Retreat
24-26       Women's Matt Talbot
31-2/2     Kings College Retreat
6-8           Marywood U Search Retreat        
13-15       Misericordia U Search Retreat 
16            1st Communion Retreat - St. John's Honesdale
18             Ash Wednesday

20-22       Vocations Retreat  - Come & See Weekend
                - Fr. Don Williams 

1-2            Assistant Vocations Director's Overnight Retreat 
3                First Communion Retreat - OL Abingtons, St. Pat's Nicholson
6               United Methodist Church 9am-3pm
6-8            Women's Serenity Retreat
10,11, 12     Our Lady of Snows - First Communion Retreats
13 -15       Vestal Area Women's Retreat (open if space available)  
16              St. Joseph the Worker/ St. John Neumann 
                  First Communion Day of Reflection
17              St. Ann's Basilica Parish - First Communion Retreat
18              Day of Reflection 9am - 3pm  -  Gertrude Grimes
19-22         Men's Cursillo Weekend #57 
24             First Communion Retreat - St. Joseph Marello
25               St. Gregory's Parish Women's Retreat
                    - Fr. Pio Mandato, FMFJ 

29             Palm Sunday
30-4/4      Holy Week Triduum- Private Retreat begins Thurs. 4pm


5               Easter Sunday
8               First Communion Retreat -  St. Gregory's, Clarks Green
9               First Communion Retreat  - Holy Rosary, Duryea
10-12       Mercy Associates Retreat      
14             St. John Vianney - First Communion Retreat 
16-19       Women's Cursillo Weekend #66
21             First Communion Retreat  - CCD - St. Paul's Scranton
22             First Communion Retreat - RCC Forest City,  Pleasant Mt, and
                   St. Bridget - Friendsville
23-26        UMC Walk to Emmaus
27              First Communion Retreat- St. Clare - Scranton
28              First Communion Retreat - St. Monica West Wyoming
30-5/3      UMC Walk to Emmaus
4/30-5-3  UMC

5-11         Rosen Method Intensive Workshop
15-17       Liturgical Practicum Weekend for PD Candidates 
28             Womens's Day of Reflection - Rev. Dr. Joanne Weiss
29-31       PD Candidates and Wives Annual Retreat
31/6-1     Assitant Vocatons Director's Overnight Retreat

5-7            Endless Mountains Men's Retreat         
9-14          Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal Retreat 
18-20        To be announced
26-28        Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart-Ecology and Spirituality

                 Closed July 4th weekend - all other weekends available

August      Retreat Center closed - No groups until September          

6              Office of Parish Life 9am-3pm
11-13       Women's Preached Retreat -Fr. Vincent Boney, CP

18-20       To be announced
25-27       Women's Retreat - Rev. Dr. Joanne Weiss (Group 1)
25-27       Dreamgatherers - Sr. Catherine Gilvary, IHM (Group2)

1-4           Women's Cursillo Weekend #67
9-11         Al Anon 12 Step Retreat Weekend   
16-18       Passion of Jesus Christ -Preached Retreat for Men and Women          

23-25       Prayer Retreat - Sr. Barbara 
27-30       Rosen Intensive - Anatomy
30-11/1   To be announced

6-8          Rachel's Vineyard 
11-15      PD Ordinands Canonical Retreat (Class of 2016)

17-21      Passionist Nuns Retreat - Closed

26            Thanksgiving


4-5          Men's Retreat - Immac. Conc. Parish, Somerville, NJ
               Closed Christmas Day

Monastery Happenings

Emmaus Walk 2014
Singing to the Passionist Nuns and Emmaus Workers

Bishop Bambera holds a wooden Crucifix, a gift from
 the Passionist Nuns on his recent visit to St. Gabriel's.

Above some of our Emmaus friends tidy up 
the lawn around the Retreat Center. 

We thank Fr. Jim Price, CP.
for preaching two of our Fall
Weekend retreats and also 

the Passionist Nuns Renewal
 of Vows Retreat in November.

Happy birthday Sr. Regina 
Rev. John and Debbie Craig present the Passionist 
Nuns with a new cd player for the Chapel.

85th Year of Thanksgiving

Dear Friends -
        On June 29th, 1926 - eighty-five years ago five nuns left Our Lady of Sorrows Monaster in Pittsburgh, came to start a new community of Passionist Nuns here in the Diocese of Scranton. Separation and beginnings are always a step into the unknown.

       Faith and people of good will in the diocese helped the nuns through this trying time of new beginnings. The IHM Sisters, through the kindness of Mother Casmir, offered the Passionist nun's overnight accommodations at Marywood before they could settle in their new home on Green Ridge Street in Dunmore. Monsignor Kelly, the Vicar General of the diocese loaned the nuns a chalice and altar stone. Mother Sacred heart of the Good Shepherds, sent vestments, a Benediction light, flowers and bedding.  In September of the same year, the very first retreats for women were organized, thanks to our Passionist Priests and retreat leaders who helped organize the retreat movement.

      In 1970, it became a necessity to move from Dunmore to Clarks Summit and that is where you find us today.

     Here at Saint Gabriel's Monastery, while few in numbers and aging, we still live our life of prayer faith-fully and continue to host many retreats. All of this is possible through the kindness, loyalty and efforts of our many generous retreatants, friends and benefactors.

     This year, as we thank God for being able to offer retreats our eighty-fifth year, we are keenly aware of the devastation of Hurricane Irene that affected many of our most loyal retreatants. We pray during this long and difficult recovery and transition period, that God's gentle hands will protect and help each of you. We know, although many of you while you were unable to attend your annual Fall Retreat,  (some of you for the very first time in decades) that you experienced through the flood itself, a very different kind of retreat. That experience of being stripped of everything you own!  Our dear retreatants, we continue to hold you in our prayers.

     This past spring our Emmaus friends came to assist with our spring-cleaning chores. Talk about sparkling windows, a freshly painted conference room, shiny floors, and neatly trimmed bushes in the newly mulched flowerbeds! At the end of that busy day, Rev. John and Debbie Craig collected donations to fund the purchase of a new CD/tape player for our Chapel. Thanks to all who took part!

     The highlight of this year was the visit of the Most Reverend Bishop Joseph Bambera and Father Washington. The visit gave us a chance to meet the bishop's mother and her friends. It was indeed a blessed day to be visited by the shepherd of our diocese.

     Also, with special gratitude we wish to offer sincere thanks to our Cursillo friends who have supported us all of these many years. Every year, too, with loving effort, they give us a Christmas party and gifts. As a community we are very grateful. Your prayers, love and dedication, together with all of our generous benefactors and wonderful friends are what keep this monastery and retreat center going.

    It is Advent, once again, a season of waiting. Like the wise virgin in Scripture, we shall continue to light our inner candles in prayer for all of you.

     With grateful hearts, we wish you a Blessed Christmas and a New Year full of hope, knowing that the God who loves will be with us always.
Sr. Teresita
and the Passionist Nuns

Our Morning Sky's at St. Gabriel's


Fr. Theodore Foley, C.P.


Fr. Theodore Foley was born on March 3, 1913, in Springfield, Massachusette. At age fourteen, he entered the Passionists and was ordained a priest in 1949. In 1964, Fr. Foley was elected as Superior General of the Passionist Congregation, the first American from the eastern United States to hold that position. He served until his death on October 9, 1974 at the age of sixty-one after contracting an illness on a trip to Asia. A great man of prayer, Fr. Theodore had a deep love for the Passion of Jesus and of Our Mother of Sorrows. He was known for his sanctity, gentle kindness and humility. His dying words were "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul."
Click on this link to see Fr. Theodore's life history
Bl. Dominic of the
Mother of God, C.P.

Cardinal John Henry Newman
1801 - 1890

    On September 19, 2010, while on a papal visit to England, Pope Benedict VIX beatified Cardinal John Henry Newman, who was a convert from the Anglican church in 1845. He was received into the Catholic church by Blessed Dominic Barberi, a Passionist who by his many writings and personal holiness brought many to the faith.

Prayer for John Henry Newman
Eternal Father, you led John Henry Newman to follow the kindly light of Truth, and he obediently responded to your heavenly calls at any cost. As writer, preacher, counsellor and educator, as pastor, Oratorian, and servant of the poor he labored to build up your Kingdom.Grant that through your Vicar on earth we may hear the words, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter into the kingdom of the canonized saints.'May you manifest your servant's power of intercession by even extraordinary answers to the prayers of the faithful throughout the world. We pray particularly for our intentions in his name and in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son our Lord. Amen